Japan is a beautiful country with unique attractions catering to virtually every taste for those visiting for First-Time Travellers to Japan. The services quality in Japan Tourism is at a very high level. It is possible to move around Japan with its public transports.

However, sometimes the Japanese language, full variety of services, transport options to not mention the busy stations and roadblock, especially in Tokyo, can make getting around seem a bit difficult.

We, therefore, try to put all the travel tips and ideas that aim to assist visitors in getting the foremost of their first trip of Japan, considering the First-Time Visitors to Japan. Either you have any information about Japan, Japanese Language knowledge or not we make each and everything easier for you. The most common questions people have, and we are going to describe it one by one. 

1. What are the 5 major cities in Japan?

The major cities in Japan are

  1. Tokyo
  2. Yokohama
  3. Osaka
  4. Nagoya
  5. Hokkaido
  6. Kobe
  7. Fukuoka
  8. Kyoto
  9. Kawasaki
  10. Saitama

2. What is the most visited place in Japan?

Famous Places For First Time Visitors

  • Mount Fuji
  • Tokyo Imperial Palace
  • Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park
  • Nagasaki
  • Historical Kyoto
  • Miyajima
  • Temple City Nara
  • Osaka Castle
  • Chubu-Sangaku National Park
  • The Japanese Alps
  • The Atsuta Shrine
  • Fukuoka Castle
  • Sapporo

3. Where can I exchange currency in Japan?

There are various types of currency exchange facilities available in Japan. Most of the international airports have currency exchange counters. It is available in the arrival lobby of airports, so you can easily access your money upon landing. 

After that, different banks also have currency exchange ATMs in the city and mall. Also, you can visit many banks and all post offices nationwide (even in remote areas). Moreover, as all seven eleven and plenty of other convenience stores, have ATMs that are compatible with foreign cards

4. How to Purchase Mobile Sim Card or WiFi Router?

Since it is an SNS day, people are fond of SNS and social connecting on the internet. It is one amongst specific first things, and many visitors wish to work out upon arriving in a foreign country the way to get connected to the net—two common ways to get connected to your family, friends or anyone in the world

In Japan are either with a local data sim card for your smartphone or with a portable WiFi router which will be available for group and single-user as well. If you are travelling in a group, the WiFi router is best to share for visiting in an exceedingly group. Both the options are available at most of the International Airport in Japan

The variety of service providers will offer you many plans which suit you. These services are also available on the internet, so you can book before you travel to Japan or if you want to book directly at stores, that is also possible. 

5. How to Buy Bullet Train Tickets or Passes?

The Bullet train is one of the attractions for First Time Visitors to Japan and buys bullet Train Tickets or Passes is questionable. To save lots of time at the station, it is often a decent idea to get shinkansen (bullet train) tickets previous time through the internet or mobile App. There are many online sites, and apps are available to book your tickets online. You can also contact us for the booking

Charge Sheet of Bullet Train Passes

As mentioned in the above table, there are two types of categories available for Bullet train passes. One is Green Passes and Standard Passes. The green passes a little bit expensive. Also note that there are various seat types available on a shinkansen, including reserved and non-reserved and even the more luxurious seats within the Green Coach.

6. Where to Find Best Accommodation?

The accommodation quality and service of Japan is known in the world. There are a variety of options. The Capital Tokyo is a particularly diverse metropolis, and this followed within the abundance of accommodation options available to visitors to Japan’s capital.

Of course, there’s the standard range of hotels to suit all budgets and other accommodation types that one would expect to seek out in any major city of Japan. However, Tokyo also contains a spread of unique options that travellers might want to require advantage of including capsule hotels, quality hostels, internet cafes and historic yet affordable traditional Japanese Ryokan.

After Visiting Tokyo, the most common itinerary of Japan is to explore Tokyo then ride the Bullet Train to Kyoto and Osaka along the Tokaido Shinkansen

7. How to use Airport Luggage Delivery & Deposit Services?

We highly recommend you to deposit or make delivery of your large and heavy luggage to Airport luggage deposit or delivery services upon arriving at the Airport. It is Japan one among the Airport convenient Luggage service counters. These are very reliable and excellent value services that ship your bags to anywhere within the country or deposit for some time to move freely in the city.

For the use of luggage delivery counters, you need to merely fill the address of wherever you would like to send your luggage. It will make it possible to be delivered then enjoy being bag-free. We also suggest you tell your hotels before time, especially if staying at a smaller property.

8. How to Buy an IC Card or Rail Pass for transport?

IC cards are used for a cashless payment option at a vast number of shops, outlets, mini stores and restaurants nationwide, especially in and around train stations. To model travelling around Japan as smoothly as possible, we recommend purchasing an IC Card straight away at the start of your Japan journey. With the use of these cards, you can ride most modes of transport in virtually all major metropolitan areas across the country, and it is also chargeable through ticketing machines and even at convenience stores

The cards are purchased easily from the ticket machines at Railway Stations and inside the buses as well. But if you do not know Japanese much, we suggest you buy the IC card at Narita Airport ticketing machines where instructions are available in English. At the cover of your trip you will return your IC card for a little refund, so make sure to shop for your IC Card and avoid the inconvenience of getting to shop for paper tickets for each train journey.

Train travel is the ideal quality of public transportation in Japan. The rail passes are quite cheaper than the regular fare. If you are coming to Japan, the Rail pass is highly recommended services to you. Even most of the travel companies are including these passes in their customer travel itinerary.

For those who purchased their Rail Pass through the internet before coming to Japan, the JR East Travel Service Centers located within the basements of Terminal 1 or Terminal 2 of Narita Airport are the primary place where you will be able to obtain your pass upon landing.

9. How to Get Narita Airport to Tokyo Station?

There is a variety of transport services available from Narita Airport to Tokyo Station. The best service we can suggest you take trains, metro trains are also available. The JR Narita Express and also the Keisei Skyliner both provide quick ways to move to central Tokyo by train, making the direct Journey to Tokyo Station and Nippori Station respectively before stopping at other major downtown stations. Slower, cheaper train options include the regular Keisei limited express trains

There are two primary varieties of buses from Narita Airport to Tokyo Station. The expensive Airport Limousines which stop at a variety of stations and hotels in central Tokyo, and cheaper discount shuttle buses which connect with fewer places. Taxis can even be accustomed to reaching central Tokyo but bear in mind that this can be out and away from the first expensive option.

10. Japan Tokyo Station Navigation Guide

Tokyo Station is one of the big stations in Tokyo, and it is a little bit confusing even for those who use it regularly. After you arrive at the Tokyo Station, please follow the signs mark for the Tokaido Shinkansen and enter the ticket gates. After the entrance, there is many sign digital board in English and Japanese, where you can find your train platform number.

Those people who have not yet bought the Ticket they can go either the ticket counter or ticket vending machines. Once you have your Ticket with you, you can enter the Shinkansen (Bullet Train) gate for your platform.

11. Where can buy a Bento in Tokyo Station?

If your travel time is quite long, we advise you to buy some good quality famous Japanese foods before boarding the shinkansen. There is much excellent lunch box in Tokyo Station, and Ekiben is one of the delicious in it. Do not miss the chance to try Ekiben Bento.

Since Ekiben is seasonal speciality foods and presented in a very decorative box or on a sealed platter. Delicious and customarily good quality, Ekiben vary station to station and are great to enjoy during your cross-country travels. Also, there are some paid food facilities available in Bullet Train

12. Where to Store Bags and Luggage on the Shinkansen?

If you have got luggage with you, please do not worry about the spaces. The storing bags and luggage services are available in Shinkansen. The Japan Bullet train is very spacious and also have overhead shelves in it.

In the Shinkansen, you have space for suitcases and bags in several locations throughout the car. Smaller bags like backpacks and day bags stored on the overhead shelves, and there is also a more prominent space behind the last row of seats in each coach.

13. Are There Toilets On The Bullet Train?

As world know that Japan is one of the principal hygiene-conscious countries within the world, and this certainly extends not only to restrooms within train stations but also on the Shinkansen, all of which delivered from charge. Before boarding if you miss or forget to go to the bath, no need to worry. Shinkansen restrooms are clean and located between every number of cars, so finding them once aboard is quick and straightforward.

14. What are the Facilities of Shinkansen?

The Facilities of Shinkansen is very excellent. The Japan Bullet trains boast a range of facilities that make your travel comfortable and convenient. There are varieties of Bullet Trains companies in Japan, and most of the tourist want to know Which Shinkansen is fastest? 

The Nozomi (のぞみ) is one of the fastest trains in Japan. It has 300 km/h (186 mph) running speed. The bullet trains have power outlets near your seats. The interior designs just look like flights and facilities are almost the same. But some facilities are paid. Just in case you get hungry there also are food carts that intermittently make the rounds of the cars from which snacks and drinks are available to buy at reasonable prices.

15. Can you see Mt Fuji on Shinkansen?

It is possible to see Mt. Fuji on Shinkansen. Many passengers don’t realize that they can see Mt. Fuji. On a clear day, Mt. Fuji can be seen through your window of the Tokaido Shinkansen. If you would like to view the beautiful Volcano, you should select the seat E in standard class and seat D in Green Class.

Since Mt. Fuji is the Japan Iconic Volcano, so make sure to fix your seat as per above details. Otherwise, you will miss the chance. It is also possible to see through the door window or stand between chairs and look outside.


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