How to Celebrate Holi Festival In India.


How to Celebrate Holi Festival

The Holi Festival in India is considered one of the fun and pleasant festivals of India. It is known as a festival of colours, but at the same also known for delicious food, love and respect to others. It is kind of a competition of colours with friends and family.
Holi is widely known with warmth and happiness on the full moon day, which is also called Purnima Day, inside March ( also known as Phalgun). Holi is celebrated in every part of India and also followed by different names, customs and traditions.
However, The Holi is so pure and extraordinary in the sense of festival. Which endures the same everywhere in the country and indeed beyond the globe, wherever it is celebrated. The colour festival makes us connect to each other to fill the colours of love and affection in our relationships. Holi festival is considered to be the most beautiful intensity of our Indian culture. In India, all festivals have their own reality, beliefs and history behind the festival.

Why is the Holi Festival Celebrated In India?

Why is the Holi Festival Celebrated In India?
There is a history behind the celebration of the Holi festival. In ancient times there used to be an asura (devil) named Hiranyakashyap. He had an evil sister named Holika. Hiranyakashyap regarded himself as a god. Hiranyakashyap had one son named Prahlad. He was an exceptional devotee of Lord Vishnu. Hiranyakashyap was opposed to Lord Vishnu. He interrupted Prahlad from doing worship to Vishnu. But the son Prahlad did not hear the words of his father. Irritated with this, Hiranyakashyap decided to kill Prahlad. For this Hiranyakashyap asked help from his sister Holika.
Since Holika got the boon of not burning in the fire. After that Holika sat in the pyre with Prahlad, but due to the devotion of Vishnu the Prahlad remained safe in the fire while Holika was burnt by that fire. After, that day people started to celebrate as Holi Festivals due to their happiness upon the victory of good over evil.
ホーリー祭を祝う裏には歴史があります。古代ヒラニャカシャプというアスラ(悪魔)がいました。彼にはホリカという悪の妹がいました。ヒラニャカシャプは自分を神だと思っていました。 ヒラニャカシャプにはプラフラドという息子がいました。彼はヴィシュヌ神の卓越した信者でした。ヒラニャカシャプはヴィシュヌ神に反していたので、プラフラドがヴィシュヌへ礼拝するのを妨害しました。しかし、息子プラフラドは父親の言葉を聞きませんでした。これに憤慨したヒラニャカシャププラフラドを殺すことに決めました。そのために、ヒラニャカシャプは妹のホリカに助けを求めました。

Some Others Reasons to Celebrate

Reasons to Celebrate
There is also one more reason to celebrate Holi. It is the death of evil-minded Pootana. The devil lady tried to kill Lord Krishna in his childhood days. She was looking for the chance of alone Krisha and benefits from feeding it poisonous milk while executing the plan of Kansa, Krishna’s devil uncle. However, Krishna absorbed her blood and carried her to cease. 
In South India, people worship Kamadeva- the god of affection and enthusiasm for his extravagant sacrifice. According to ancient history, Kamadeva shot his powerful love arrow on Lord Shiva to reverse his hobby within the natural affairs inside the interest of the earth. However, Lord Shiva transformed into enraged as he was in deep meditation and opened his third eyes which settled Kamadeva to ashes. Though, later on the request of Rati, Kamadeva’s wife, Shiva changed into thrilled to restore him.

How to Play Holi Festival.

How to Play Holi Festival


There are mainly three sessions of Holi Festivals.

  1. First Session: Known As Holika Dahan (In the evening of the day before Holi): Where people used to prepare for the bonfire. In the evening people gather and make the bonfire. On that day, children are free to do pranks with anyone. Basically, Holi is started from that day.
  2. Second Session: It started in the morning, where people used to wear their old clothes. This session is full of colored powder and water. Children used to play with toys called Pichkari. It is the color water filling toy. After filling it, they throw it to others. Also, filling the colored water in the small balloons and throwing it to others. People are putting colors on other’s faces and bodies.
  3. Third Session: After the finish of the second session, everyone takes a bath and tries to clean their colored face and body. Once they cleaned, everyone was getting ready for the third session. Where people used to wear their new clothes. This session is especially known for respect with colored powder which is also called Gulal. People used to put the color on others and hug their friends and put Gulal to the feet of their elders. 



How Different Age Levels Play Holi Festival?
How Different Age Levels Play Holi Festival
The Holi is the festival of the Hindu but all religions are playing it. On the occasion of the Holi Festival the entire country wears a festive look to the Holi celebration. The Market areas get with liveliness as energetic buyers start making arrangements for the celebration. Mountains of various colorings of Gulal and Abeer can be apparent on the roadside days before the celebration. The children are making their plans and arrangements with their famous toy Pichkaris. Which is coming every year to come up with the desire to gather them as Holi memory and definitely to drench all people within their area. 
How Different Age Levels Play Holi Festival
Women are also beginning with making early arrangements for the Holi festival as they cook lot`s delicious food for their friends and family one of the famous foods are Gujiya, Dahi Bada, Mathri, and Papri. In this case there are a variety of foods as per the religion, customs and tradition.



Holi Is Famous For?
Holi Is Famous For?
Holi is also mentioned as the Spring Festival – because it signifies the appearance of spring, the season about desire and joy. The gloom of the chilly weather goes as Holi ensures brilliant summertime days. Nature likewise revels at the appearance of Holi and wears its outstanding clothes. Fields get stuffed with plants encouraging a very good harvest to the farmers and flowers bloom coloring the surroundings and fulfilling fragrance in the air.
Colors play has great excitement and can be visible in people on the celebration day when it is assuredly the time for the full play of colors. Shops and places of work continue closed for the day.  Children take special pleasure in spraying colors on one another with their Pichkaris and launching water balloons and passers-by. Young people used to sing songs, dance at the beat of dholak and mouth-watering Holi specialties are the opposite highlights of the day.
The appearance of Love to apply colors on their beloved. This has a famous story at the back of it. It is said that the naughty and roguish Lord Krishna established the trend of playing colorings. He applied colors on his cherished Radha to make her one like him. The trend speedily attained a reputation amongst the crowds. No surprise, there’s no fit to the Holi of Mathura, Vrindavan, and Barsana – the places related to the birth and childhood of Radha and Krishna.
After a fun-filled and exciting day, the evenings are spent in serenity when people engage friends and relatives and have an exchange of affection and festive greetings. It is assumed that the essence of Holi revitalizes the feeling of brotherhood in society and indeed the enemies become a friend on this day. People of all religions,  traditions are participating in this joyful and colorful festival and to encourage the love, affection and unity in the nation.
5 Best Places to Play Holi Festival In India
5 Best Places to Play Holi Festival In India
  • Mathura and Vrindavan – In Uttar Pradesh
  • Barsana – In Uttar Pradesh
  • Shantiniketan – West Bengal
  • Goa – Maharashtra
  • Jaipur and Udaipur – Rajasthan
インドでホーリー祭りをプレイするのに最適な5 つの場所

  • マトゥラ と ヴリンダーヴァン –  ウッタルプラデーシュ州
  • バルサナ – ウッタルプラデーシュ州
  • シャンティニケタン – 西ベンガル
  • ゴア – マハラシュトラ
  • ジャイプール と ウダイプール – ラージャスターン州



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